Few days ago MapLab made another article on Map Projections.

I really liked this quote”

Without John Snyder, LandSat would just make pretty pictures instead of beautiful maps. | NASA


OSM Editor iD

As of May 7th 2013 #MapBox & #OSM have made available the new Mapping Editor for

This thing look impressive. I think it’ll make huge difference around the world, and I know many people and organizations relying on OSM for Humanitarian Assistance Projects.

OSM Editor iD

LDCM’s First Scene

Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) released its first images of Earth, collected at 1:40 p.m. EDT on March 18. The first image shows the meeting of the Great Plains with the Front Ranges of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Colorado.

LDCM’s normal operations are scheduled to begin in late May when the instruments have been calibrated and the spacecraft has been fully checked out. At that time, NASA will hand over control of the satellite to the USGS, which will operate the satellite throughout its planned five-year mission life. The satellite will be renamed Landsat 8, and data from OLI and TIRS will be processed and added to the Landsat Data Archive at the Earth Resources Observation and Science Center in South Dakota, where it will be distributed for free over the Internet.

LDCM’s First Scene

Landsat 8 File Naming Convention

LDCM (to be renamed Landsat 8) file naming convention:

Includes both OLI and TIRS: LC80390222013076EDC00
Includes only OLI: LO80390222013076EDC00
Includes only TIRS: LT80390222013076EDC00

L: Landsat
C/O/T: Instrument; C=Combined, O=OLI, T=TIRS
8: Satellite
039: Path (WRS-2)
022: Row (WRS-2)
2000: Year
076: Julian Day (Day 76 of the calendar year = 17 March)
EDC: Ground Station where the data was received
00: Archive version number

Landsat 8 File Naming Convention