Map Projections [4]

For Map lovers, something totally worth reading again from MapLab at Wired. Follow the link and see how people obsess about map projections.


Map Projections [3]

And the third posting at MapLab is a comparison between the  Cahill’s Butterfly and the Dymaxion Projections. Very interesting article!

With all of it’s drawback, I find the Dymaxion more interesting!

Map Projections

The Wired Magazins’ new Blog “MapLab” is going to run a series of posting abut map projections. While some of us use GIS and other map making tools on a daily basis, probably we had to explain what map projections are and why do we have them, few times in our careers.

Now, MapLab is going to give, in layman’s language, some historical background, and the purposes of what for these projections were meant for, when they were first designed by their creators, and so forth.

The first one is about Mercator. I believe it’s a posting totally worth reading.

Link to the blog posting:

Land Cover Classification with QGIS

say you like Remote Sensing tasks, and you like Landsat data, and you like QGIS…then why not take a look at this page/tutorial. You won’t need $x000.00 of software, nor expensive data plus you don’t have to be an expert because the tutorial is very concise and esy to follow.

I wish I had this many years back when I was trying to do the same for a project.

Land Cover Classification with QGIS