First Images from SPOT 6 Satellite

Astrium Services has posted the first images from the SPOT 6 satellite, just 3 days after its launch on 9 September.

Here’s an image of ” Bora Bora, French Polynesia”

Image product resolution:

Panchromatic: 1.5 m
Colour merge: 1.5 m
Multispectral: 8 m

Spectral bands, with simultaneous panchromatic and multispectral acquisitions:

Panchromatic (450 – 745 nm)
Blue (450 – 525 nm)
Green (530 – 590 nm)
Red (625 – 695 nm)
Near-infrared (760 – 890 nm)

Footprint: 60 km x 60 km
Responsive satellite tasking, with 6 tasking plans per day, per satellite
Capacity to acquire up to 3 million km2. daily [together with SPOT 7]

SPOT 7 is expected to be in orbit sometime in January 2014
For more information about SPOT 6, see


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